Ellinikes Nostimies Top & Traditional Flavors

Welcome to our food production facility

Having incorporated the thirty-five-year experience of its founders both in the field of catering and creating popular dishes, as well as in the production of many chicken, meat and appetizers. With respect towards the final consumer the company’s qualified personnel: performs daily checks of all raw materials used for production. Here we apply stringent testing procedures using recognized laboratory facilities to run physicochemical and microdiological quality test on the final product.

Our strategic choice and commitment, here at Ellinikes Nostimies A.E is to produce and distribute top quality traditional food products. We aim to provide food products which consistently retain their top quality, from the production stage to the consumer’s table, whether they are a Ellinikes Nostimies brand or a private label brand produced for one of the customers who have placed their trust in us.

Our Top Produts

Our meat factory Ellinikes Nostimies A.E offers unique products that appeal to our demanding customers.


Thanks to the experienced and trained staff, our Greek Food Company can offer the customer a wide variety of products based on the chicken material.

We produce a wide range of delicacies made from fresh handpicked poultry, Our goal is to satisfy the appetizes of the most demanding tastes we tread on our excellent products which are related to chicken.

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Beef meat

The quality and taste of our dishes of beef meat combined with an excellent even baking makes up an excellent result.

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Traditional Tastes

The production of traditional handmade products is now a feasible goal of our Greek Factory Ellinikes Nostimies A.E.
It is commonly accepted that consumers have turned their attention to Greek traditional tastes in recent years.

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Green Bites

Top dishes, splendid flavors that offer unique thrills.

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“One of the nicest things in life is that we must at regular intervals stop what is what we do and pay our attention to food …”
~Luciano Pavarotti