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Chicken Nuggets

Our rich and nutritious Chicken Nuggets are made from fresh chicken. They are small and crisp about it, and many people also call it bouquets. Our bouquets are ideal for small and large guests. The packages are available 500g 800g 1kg 3kg [...]

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Schnitzel From Chicken Fillet Breast

Chicken schnitzel is made up of rich and nutritious ingredients that are boned from fresh chickens. It's juicy inside and crisp on it for it, and many have introduced it to their weekly diet program. The packages are available 1kg 2kg 3kg 4kg [...]

Schnitzel From Chicken Fillet Breast2019-03-06T12:21:23+00:00

Stuffed Chicken Roll

Chicken roll is the ultimate meal. Rich and nutritious is made from fillet loaf. It has the ideal size and weight to feed a 4-member family. The chicken roll is filled with cheeses, bacon, pepper and the addition of Greek herbs is a wonderful product. Traditional product that can be served at any [...]

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Chicken Fillet Breast

The Chicken Fillet Breast went well into consumer nutrition because it simply has rich and nutritious properties. At the Ellinikes Nostimies A.E Meat Factory, we care and process the freshest poultry every day. The packages are available 500g 1kg 2kg 3kg Product [...]

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Chicken Fingers

Chicken fingers are rich and nutritious in protein, cut out of fresh day chicken. They are juicy little and crisp about it, and many are called finger food. Our finger is the perfect and easy solution for a fast food. The packages are available 500g [...]

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Chicken Meat Balls

Our Chicken Meat Balls has rich and nutritious ingredients and is made exclusively from chickens. They are round and contain incredible herbs and spices. Our meatballs will offer you delicious thrills. The packages are available 500g 800g 1kg 3kg Product Composition Oriental style, enriched with [...]

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Chicken Fillet Leg

The Chicken fillet fillet has a great nutritional value. It is rich in protein and has a low fat content. Its advantage is that it is made from fresh chicken. It is juicy during baking and cooking, and many consider it the ultimate treat. The [...]

Chicken Fillet Leg2019-03-06T12:00:52+00:00

Chicken Burger

Chicken Burgers are ideal for a balanced, low fat diet. It is easy to prepare quickly in the pan, oven even on the grill. This product is available in 2 forms, fresh and baked. The packages are available 500g 800g 1kg 3kg [...]

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Inner Fillet Roasted

Our Roasted Inner Fillet is carefully removed from the fresh chicken. The best part of the fillet with the right marinade and the right baking is the leading product that needs to be in every kitchen. The packages are available 2.5kg 5kg [...]

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